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That’s exactly what it is… just my thoughts, about anything and everything, so vast we will combine pretty much my experiences of 46 years, three months and three days, all of it, no editing allowed or wanted.

From packing potatoes at the age of 12 to selling multimillion dollar homes in Beverly Hills at the age of 46 we will cover what different jobs have taught me, this is not for anyone to learn anything, it is not advice on how to spend 30 years finding the right job either, it is just my thoughts, and I’m following a profound desire to write them all up.

Like the movies that go back and forth and you have to kind of follow what’s the past and what’s the present, that’s probably how I will write as thoughts come and go from all over the place when you choose to write, mostly it is your consciousness trying to do it right, fighting which memory could be more important, more impactful, which one will attract more people to read even though I have no idea if anyone will even get to that point, yet I am still writing for an audience, that’s the human nature, to share, to tell, to make sure someone can say something about what you have just done… could be just me who thinks that way, doubted though, everyone is the same, we want to succeed for someone, yes for us of course, but there is something out there we want, recognition, love, acceptance, admiration, support, validation, whatever it is I am looking for here, let’s see where it takes us….


Seth Godin, you started this, by saying no one can suck at being a bad writer, so here I am … this is for you, wherever this takes me, it was a door you open today April  3rd 2019.

Posted on May 1, 2019 at 9:10 pm
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