You can change your thoughts

I woke up feeling sad, sad, sad, and had no idea why. Used to being so energetic, positive, full of dreams and goals, and ready to kill it, this was certainly an unfamiliar state for me… i gave in, I cried all day, i went to bed crying, i found ways to support my sadness, feeling alone, abandoned, completely isolated, all of it… and then… I remember Jim Rhon, Tonny Robins, Landmark, Caminos, The Servant, and so many other things that have helped me through the years in all sorts of scenarios, and started writing here in an effort to remind myself that emotions are just that, emotions, and this too shall pass, this too shall pass, being grateful for my daughter, our health, our abundance, her wonderful School, our home, our families, her father, our trip to Colombia coming up, there are so many blessings to be thankful for, and yes maybe my body is just burned out today, but not my life, there are so many things to live for. I am thankful for this one life I was given, I am thankful for me, for Hannah, for work, for learning to say NO, for learning to say YES to what I need today, which is a massage, natural juice, and sleep for a day. Good night

Posted on October 16, 2019 at 5:44 pm
Gloria Carmona | Category: Gloria's Blog

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