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About Gloria Carmona Director, Aaroe Estates Division

Top-producing Los Angeles agent Gloria Carmona is the Director of The Luxury Property Division of Pacific Union International.

 A native of Colombia, Carmona came to real estate from a career as a news anchor at Univision. After taking a series of investment courses, she discovered she had a strong ability for evaluating property investments, and moved to launch a career as a Realtor ®.

Today, Carmona draws on her investment savvy, negotiating skills, market expertise and love of people to help clients navigate the ups and downs of the Los Angeles real estate market. For sellers, she believes in starting with a detailed, personalized marketing plan. “It’s critical to have a clear strategy upfront,” she says. “There can be ten ways to go, and you need to choose the best one.”

“Gloria comes to us with an unusually strong set of abilities, from sharp business acumen to insightful understanding of her clients,” says Mark McLaughlin, the firm’s Founder and CEO. “Her new appointment as Director of Estates Division, is well deserved.”

Because Latinos are relational before we are transactional, my culture has thought me to offer customer service at the very highest level anyone has ever experience in real estate. I am a Certified Negotiator, understanding that the best way to close a deal is with a win-win situation and this is what I do best.

It all begins with trust, porque preferimos Relaciones antes que Transacciones.